Good News! Android Brands Can Soon Use iPhones For Tweets Without Anyone Noticing

The embarrassing thought related to big names in the industry having to deal with a situation involving Android users grabbing iPhones for tweets will soon come to an end.

Today, we see some of the biggest names in the industry setting out so much money for things like PR and event advertising. You would really expect such people to approach the matter with a great deal of care while ensuring messages are kept clear and to the point. After all, who wants to deal with embarrassment gaffes?

Over a certain period of time, we have seen many organizations and noteworthy names working in the Android sphere who set out public announcements on the Twitter app. And in the end, the actions get betrayed by Twitter for iPhone. But we might be bidding that farewell soon as Twitter’s new chief makes the decision to downgrade such labels and hence cease their existence in the first place.

Twitter has currently utilized source labels that outline where a particular tweet has arisen from and which web service was used. So if you’re sending it out through an iPhone or an Android, it would be shown in the past. But now, that would no longer be the case.

There have been a number of such instances across the board. We’ve seen big names get called out for obvious reasons. Small issues were even blown out of proportion and at the end of the day, what you got were tweets about brands from iPhone devices.

Google has also been at the center of such embarrassment and just a few weeks back, we even witnessed the Pixel account getting heckled by the likes of Tim Cook through an iPhone.

So today, we saw the new Twitter CEO and billionaire Elon Musk mention in detail how he wished to make amendments and shun these labels altogether. While doing so, it would end up getting rid of such an enticing avenue comprising of leading brands getting egged in the face.

While the news is great for some brands, it might be hard on fans who enjoyed the shenanigans of seeing leading public figures call out Apple when making posts through the leading iPhone maker’s own devices.

As the old saying goes, a little fun never hurt anyone, and in this case, it was at the expense of Android. What do you think?

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