A Phishing Gang Known As Ducktail Is Using LinkedIn and WhatsApp To Hijack Business Accounts on Facebook

A phishing gang called Ducktail has been active since 2021, and there is no chance that it's slowing down anytime soon. WithSecure, a cybersecurity firm, says that initially this gang was small but as time is passing, it got huge and there's no one stopping them. Right now, Ducktail is quite active on LinkedIn where it uses some LinkedIn accounts to target organizations and individuals on many business platforms including Facebook Ads. Then they hijack those business accounts and use them to their advantage.

WithSecure says that now many people know about the hijacking tactics of Ducktail, it has changed its ways of operating and now works differently. Now Ducktail has migrated to new platforms where it is easy to target people for phishing. One of the platforms is Whatsapp where they hide malware-infected files. When these files are opened, it steals all the information and data of the users, including their images, videos, and documents. They are getting excellent in their approach to these phishing attacks. Now Ducktail retrieves information and data by creating a legitimate-looking email, which upon opening steals all the worthy data on the device.

One of the reasons why Ducktail isn't getting caught is because it always keeps on changing its way of stealing. It changes its file format and other documents which makes it impossible to trace them online. WithSecure also reports that the gang is also setting up its business in Vietnam where it is hiring new and experienced workers. Many companies are scared because there's no way they can keep their personal and business accounts separate. This way if Ducktail attacks their business account, the personal account will also get hijacked.

The global head of WithSecure says that having the same account for business and personal use can cause problems when Ducktail attacks because to follow the tracks of the gang we have to go through the business as well as a personal account. This can also include the history of the Facebook account, which is not acceptable in the ethical and legal sense. This issue is worrying the organization and employees so they are thinking of new ways by which they can dodge the risks associated with it. Now they have to think of a good way to get a hold of this phishing gang before it causes more damage to businesses all around the world.

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