Snapchat Teams Up With Amazon Fashion To Bring AR To Online Shopping

Snapchat has reportedly teamed up with the likes of Amazon Fashion to bring forward a new AR-themed aura to the world of online shopping.

Using these new lenses, users and various brands can now see what it feels like to witness the world of online purchases through the eyes of AR technology. Hence, they can now experiment with different fashion products across Amazon Fashion via Snapchat.

The lens is currently allowing users to test specific Eyewear products that can be explored and shopped for various goods and then even bought through stores like Amazon Fashion. Common brands include the likes of Costa Del, Persol, Oakley, and more that would portray various AR assets via Snap lens. While the company seems to be only focusing on the likes of AR assets right now via Snap Lens, it might be expanding the venture further to include others soon.

For now, the lens is specifically created to allow users to take on particular Eyewear products only. It can be explored and shopped for various goods and even purchased from the likes of the Amazon Fashion store too.

For now, this new Amazon-Snapchat bond has given rise to new 3D assets that would produce some error-free integration regarding the two platforms. This entails Amazon's library for digital assets and Snapchat’s AR Try-On Technology. As mentioned in this blog post, Snapchat wants this partnership to expand further so it can use the company’s three-dimensional Asset Technology for various brands. This enables them to display more details in general regarding products to future clients via their Snap Lenses on offer.

Both companies are well aware of how this can pave the way for more innovation and technology linked to both tech giants. Hence, they are seeing it as a major exciting, and innovative try-on initiative for hundreds of millions of people using the app.

For now, the company is just conducting trials linked to AR eyewear and for them, it’s the stepping stone to more great opportunities for collaborations together. Moreover, each platform hopes to add its own innovation to the entire ordeal so better results are brought forward.

This feature can be accessed via the profile for Amazon Fashion’s Snapchat as well as the Snapchat Camera Lens Carousel, and the famous feature called Lens Explorer.

We’re definitely excited about this new partnership as both leading firms can really bring their own specialties to the table.

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