WhatsApp Always Bless Its Users By Introducing New Features For Them To Enjoy

WhatsApp has rolled out many new features for its users. The most fascinating ones are polls and communities, and viewable profile pictures within a group chat.

On 3rd November, WhatsApp introduced the Communities feature. The messaging company declared that this crucial update is going to be available for all global users in the forthcoming months. To discover and learn more about this feature all you have to do is simply see whether you have a community tab or not. WhatsApp further explains that the Communities feature will act as an umbrella under which you can connect with many groups of families, friends, neighborhoods, and workplaces on the platform. The user who joins a community will experience access to information about several groups in the community and will be updated by other members of the community. According to WhatsApp, organizations will also be enabled by Communities to communicate confidentiality and safety. Presently, the Communities for WhatsApp is receiving feedback from 50 organizations across 15 nations.

The future version of WhatsApp will provide the capability for users with the option to make and share polls with other users on WhatsApp. Users may construct group polls and include up to twelve options in them. WhatsApp informed us that this feature also will be particularly helpful for “Communities.” The first step for users who want to launch a WhatsApp poll is to open an individual or a group chat. Secondly, if you are an iOS user, you need to press the “+” symbol, while Android ones must hit the “paperclip” icon. By performing this, a menu with an option to create a new poll will be shown to you. You just need to press on the poll at this time. The software will then invite you to insert the questions and options for the poll in a new menu, which you will see. After creating the poll you need to press send. Then group members will start selecting the options which they prefer. The good thing is that you and other users at the bottom could easily view the number of votes each option gets.

Along with these, another recognizable feature of viewing profile photos on a desktop has also been launched by WhatsApp. Thanks to this feature, the user will be allowed to view the profile photos of the members within a group chat, so that they could effortlessly identify each other, in case of their unsaved numbers or similar names. Moreover, if one of the participants does not set up a profile picture or hide it for privacy purposes, a default profile symbol will appear instead of his original profile photo. The default one will be colored with the same shade as the contact name.

Looking at the above-mentioned amazing features, it would not be wrong to expect other surprising features from WhatsApp in upcoming updates. While waiting for them, let’s simultaneously enjoy those which have already been launched.

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