Is Your Password Strong Enough? Weak Password Is a Big Problem of 2022

In the era of technology, it is significant to have a strong password to protect your online presence because of a rapid increase in cyber-attacks. However, people do not realize how necessary it is and continue to use weak passwords Like curse words, famous personalities, different states, famous places, or number sequences that can easily be guessed by hackers.

A weak password is a big problem, and it is going to get worse in the next few years, but people are unable to realize the importance of strong ones. A recent study of Cybernews has found that the most common password for 2022 is ‘123456’, a number sequence, that was used in 111,418 instances after analyzing millions of leaked ones. Because people are using the same password for all their accounts, making it is easy for hackers to access all their information.

This research was done to make people realize that keeping a difficult password that you can't remember easily is extremely important today to stay safe online. Keep reading to find out how to ensure that your passwords are strong enough!

In the ranked basic passwords, Cybernews spotted 16,981 samples of the password "admin," with "root" and "guest" coming in second and third, respectively.

Despite continuous warnings from experts, many people are still recycling passwords across different accounts. From 292,869 cases, some are hooked with curse words that are a top site for obscenity, like fuck, shit, and ass are among the top ones used as passwords. Some use "king" and popular celebrities and famous people names courtly, like great football players “Messi” and “Ronaldo”.

A strong password is not just about keeping different names that are not common, but we should emphasize that to make a password more difficult to crack, it must also contain a range of letters and case-sensitive symbols.

According to Mantas Sasnauskas (leader of the Cybernews research team), "Complexity equals diversity, or how much information is included in a given password." It is noteworthy to use randomly generated passwords because they include a high level of complicatedness, and are resistant to forceful attacks. More diversity implies the data is more chaotic, and chaos is great.

It's no secret that passwords are a big security risk. They're often easy to guess or crack, and once someone has access to your account, they can do a lot of damage. So, how can you make your passwords more secure?

There are a few simple steps you can take to make your passwords much more secure. First, use a password manager to generate unique and store strong passwords. It is effortless to function because it generally appears as a browser extension that will automatically create a strong password for you.

Don't lose heart for any reason the first one doesn't work for you; try the second option. Second, use Haveibeenpwned which can quickly determine whether your email address and other sensitive information have been compromised. If they have, try not to be alarmed—at least you now know how to make fresh, robust passwords that are unsusceptible to cybercriminals! And finally, make sure to use different passwords for different accounts. Follow these steps, and you'll be much more secure against password attacks.

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