Only a Little Portion Of People In The UK And US Has Purchased From Apps In A Livestream But The Situation Is Completely Different In China

Covid brought a lot of changes in the living habits of people. Just like many other things, people started shopping online too. One of the ways of online shopping was through live streaming where people could purchase goods while using apps on mobile phones. In the year 2022, the demand for live-streaming shopping apps skyrocketed and now the top 10 of these apps have reached about 2.3 million downloads in the US. But according to a recent study by The Influencer Market Factory, only 25% of UK users at some point in time have purchased an item during a Livestream.

Many social media apps like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok added features in their apps for online retail shops but TikTok said that its users are more interested in e-Commerce Live Streams. The study was based on 2000 people and the majority of them said that they have never purchased something from a Livestream. They also said that Live Streaming isn't anything extraordinary compared to regular online shopping. The survey also found that only 27% of people from the US spent $20 to $50 to purchase live streaming, whereas only 35% of people in the UK spent only $20 to purchase something.

The highest percentage of people who spent their money on live-streaming shopping were aged 19-25 in the US as well as the UK. The most used platform to make these purchases was Facebook in the US while people in the UK preferred TikTok.

If we talk about China, this situation is completely different. According to the studies, 700 million people watch these live streams while shopping regularly and till now, 460 million have purchased goods from them. Due to this reason, online sales are about to raise to $423 billion this year. In the US, this amount is only expected to grow up to $20 billion this year. For these live streams, Douyin tools are getting quite popular among young customers. 88% of the users of Douyin said that they had live-streamed on the app in February 2022. The top features used on the app during the live streams were gifts and events. During these live streams, Walmart TikToks generated about seven times more than its regular revenue and also gained its TikTok followers by 25%. The highest percentage of products purchased from these live streams were clothing, beauty products, and electronics in the US and UK.

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