The list of top ten best brands globally has been released

A business can establish itself well only if it manages to deliver what the customer needs. Based on their performance, brands such as tech giant Apple, Samsung, Google, or even online applications like YouTube, Netflix, or the instant messaging application WhatsApp are the reason they managed to get millions of global consumers.

As per the latest report released by YouGov, a global public opinion and data firm, the South Korean-based company, Samsung, is leading the table with over 127 points. The results shared by the data company are based on the reviews it received from the general public.

Based on the YouGov report on the best brands globally for the year 2022, Samsung is way ahead of most of the other brands. The tech giant was followed by Google, which had 106 points and successfully managed to secure the second spot among the top ten brands.

As it appears, not only Google but also its video-sharing platform, YouTube, also managed to do well in the ongoing year. YouTube came in at number three with 85 points on the list. With the global lockdown being imposed due to COVID-19, it was reported that entertainment platforms did well. One of the famous entertainment and video streaming applications, Netflix, was voted as the 4th best brand in 2022. Netflix managed to get 59 points from the users.

The Singaporean multinational technology and e-commerce company, Shopee, joined the Top 5 brands group after receiving 51 points. However, as per the report, it can be seen that Shopee had a head-to-head competition with Meta's instant messaging application, WhatsApp, as the platform got 50 points. With just one point behind Shopee, WhatsApp received the 6th spot.

Among the top 10 brands, two of them were famous for their cars. Toyota, being one of the most common brands in this industry, had 41 points at the 7th rank, while Mercedes-Benz, famous for its luxury cars, got the 9th spot with 34 points. The oral health care brand Colgate was next on the list, earning itself the 8th spot, and lastly, the Germany-based retailer company, Lidl, concluded the table with 33 points.

The data can help these brands grow further while also assisting those who didn’t make the top 10.

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