New Report Confirms People Aren’t Viewing Facebook’s Political Content

A new report is shedding light on some very interesting prospects that are unexpected.

Today, we saw Meta releasing a new report that talks about content that’s been widely seen on the platform. The details were related to Q3 for this year and it’s the first time that it noticed that political content was at an all-time low.

At the same time, there were not any huge data gaps taking place due to popular posts on the platform that were removed later on in time by the company for going against its own rules.

Today, Meta goes public with the report and it also had the likes of links and posts that were seen the most. The move seems to be done to serve as a counter-narrative to the speculations that its algorithms drive what people can see on the platform including extremism.

So far, it really has not gone above and beyond at succeeding and showing what is in store. Today, the report paints a very unique and different picture of how people feel political content is viewed online. There is in fact very little political mix in the blend of content that’s gaining viral fame online.

We bet you’re also wondering then what in the world are people looking at on Facebook. What is it that they’re checking out and why? Well, the answer is a mixed bag.

You’ll find lots of tabloid rubbish and the likes of news related to teachers getting fired for putting up inappropriate videos on social media accounts. Then we’ve got leading news from the world of Hollywood like Brad Pitt’s kids going to college and Madonna’s son having a unique and quirky sense of fashion.

Mostly older people are using Facebook as the younger ones turn to TikTok, Instagram, and even Snapchat by the masses. Such stories end up resonating more with those pertaining to older age brackets. People want to feel more connected to celebs and hence love hearing more about their work and personal lives.

Oh, before we forget, there’s even one story linked to a person adding peanuts to coke for a while and then ending up with a drink that’s savory and sweet at the same time. You even get a snack as a plus point in the end.

As one can tell, there is plenty of junk on board and while the company is reducing spam content as much as possible, you’ll find very little political content.

The take-home message here is that this report proves to us that political content ends up being disregarded more now than ever. It’s not getting the reach that it once used to and people are tired of such news.

Whether or not the same trend continues for the next quarter, well, only time can tell. So we know the company is definitely going to keep an eye out for that until the next report gets published.

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