LinkedIn Allows Users To Schedule Posts That Can Be Sent Later

LinkedIn is launching a scheduling post feature for users that allows them to line up content that could be published later.

The company mentioned today how the whole idea is to add an element of convenience for users which the famous Microsoft-owned platform feels is a necessity in today’s time.

For a while now, we've seen LinkedIn speak about the feature as it continued to take on tests internally for a few months as revealed by a specific online report from August. But now, the time seems right that we are witnessing the app get things ready for prime time. The news comes at a time when so many reports are arriving on social media in this regard.

Meanwhile, another social media expert, Matt Navarra explained yesterday how he was now seeing this feature for post-scheduling across the Android app as well as LinkedIn’s website.

So as you can see, it’s a mixed bag of reviews and so many are now seeing this feature while others may not. A lot of people have gone as far as confirming individually what this feature means on the web.

In case you do grab a hold of the feature, you’ll definitely witness a clock icon seen right beside this post button that’s present in the message compose area. When clicked, you are presented with another option for choosing specific dates or some half-hourly slots that people wish to schedule a particular post.

We are sure the news is going to make plenty of people happy for obvious reasons. But we need to tell you that another similar offering is now available for quite some time now via third-party apps like Hootsuite and even Buffer.

But a lot of people were too ecstatic with the news of giving control to other platforms. Remember, there are some privacy concerns attached, especially for those wanting to send out specific particular content pieces to followers on apps like LinkedIn.

In all reality, a lot of post-scheduling has been seen to be the call of the day for major social networking sites where around 875 million members worldwide take part around the world. Then we saw both Twitter and Facebook provide scheduling for a long time now. And then you have to mention things like email clients from Gmail that enable users to send out texts while you might be fast asleep.

H/T: TechCrunch 

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