Elon Musk Sends Congratulatory Wish To Twitter’s Team For Decline In Hate Messages

Twitter CEO Elon Musk was recently seen sending out congratulatory messages to his workforce at Twitter.

The billionaire seemed to be in high spirits after mentioning how there was a rapid decline in hate speech after he took over the app. And that might be the only news worth celebrating after seeing the devastating state of the company’s condition.

Musk mentioned in bold terms that the number of hate impressions had gone down by a massive third and that was after a striking spike took place during this month.

As declared by Musk, a lot of the hate arose thanks to racial slurs and purely offensive content.

Meanwhile, a recent report set out by the Independent spoke about how Musk is very keen on allowing freedom of speech to take center stage on his platform. He similarly wishes to clear out all rumors of misinformation and wants people to have access to the app as a way to communicate how they feel. He knows really well that if tweets are filled with nothing but hate, fewer people would end up seeing them. And that means a lot fewer impressions across such a tweet.

Then we saw the Twitter owner mention how at least 1500 different accounts were the ones behind the ordeal but those have now been eliminated and that’s why we’re seeing a reduction in such posts’ reach. The rise of such hateful content during the start of November and then a rapid decline means great things for the app, Musk adds.

And he couldn’t be more proud of his workforce doing their best to keep such posts at a minimum and seeing a limited reach.

Further examination of such an endeavor makes one realize that the rise of hate speech on the app is different in figures outlined by Musk and that recorded by the Center for Countering Digital Hate.

Musk continues to argue about how that hate speech was being recorded at new lows and no matter what other media reports may claim, he’s sticking by his own stats.

But critics feel there is nothing major to celebrate at this point in time because trends keep changing and seeing the way advertising agencies are pulling out and reducing the company’s revenue is more concerning than anything else. And we couldn’t agree more.

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