Microsoft is planning to offer affordable PCs powered by ads

Software giant Microsoft seems interested in launching low-priced and affordable personal computers featuring Windows 365, and power by advertisements. It was first observed by ZDNet while going through the job listings at Microsoft.

Recently, Microsoft was searching for a Principal Software Engineer Manager for the company, and while posting about it on the career job listing, the description said that the Redmond campus of the company is searching for anyone who can assist the firm in charting new ways for the user experience and Windows model. The description further included affordable personal computers supported by advertisements. It even included the latest direct-to-cloud hardware equipment.

What seems to be new is that in the job description, the company mentioned the names of its creations, which include the latest Microsoft 365, and Windows Incubator Team. According to the software giant, this will be responsible for leading a new era of cloud revolution for the software industry by describing the latest hybrid applications that range somewhere between cloud and local computing.

By putting all these pieces of information together like a puzzle, it seems like in the upcoming years, the company, in association with its partners and investors, is planning to manufacture thin personal computers for their customers that might be used in different companies. It may also be able to sell Windows to users with the help of the cloud. Such types of computers usually consist of cheap hardware, and the basic functions are carried out either on a server or online instead of on a system.

Microsoft 365 made its first appearance eleven years ago, and since then the services have been used by several companies and individuals. Apparently, as per the job listing, it seems that the company is planning to expand by 365. Lately, many supporting features such as Switch have been released, which makes the service more compatible with the latest Windows version.

Though no official details have been shared by the officials, it can be expected that the company might make some announcements regarding the plans of Microsoft, which may give a clear picture of what the company is up to.

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