Microsoft Is on The Verge of Replacing Its Own Mobile Game Store with The Play Store And App Store

Recent report highlights that Microsoft is keenly interested in replacing the Google play store and Apple app store with its mobile game store.

Over recent years, Android's play store and iOS's app store tend to be in a less competitive market in the gaming industry. Both platforms enjoy a high position with millions of games within them. But recently, the technology giant Microsoft seems interested in building its mobile gaming hub, where it will host all Android and iOS games.

The mobile gaming industry plays a vital role in the whole gaming industry as it captures 51% of the whole market share. With the updating technologies and modernized versions of cell phones, it seems comfortable and more attractive to do gaming on cell phones despite PC, luring more & more Gen Z users towards mobile gaming.

As per the reports, the company is executing to build the X-Box branded gaming store that will support all the games from the play store and app store. The following application will be an extended version of the X-Box store that will provide competition to the current competitors.

By this launch, Microsoft is working towards a diversified working strategy that will attract potential customers to the organization. By giving competition to existing competitors and powering games such as Candy Crush Saga and Call of Duty Mobile, the company has high hopes to capture a better marketplace and strengthen its brand image.

Besides this, Microsoft can release its application on Android platforms but seems to avoid this step because of the tough competition from Apple in different sectors of gaming. In the opposite case, if they have to launch their application on iOS, then focusing on browser gameplay with strict Apple restrictions and rigid competition from Android might be a downside for the organization.

To add, Microsoft also highlighted the purchase of Activision Blizzard and its interrelated revenue model. As per the reports, Microsoft hopes to capture the gaming market successfully after the launch of its mobile application. They seem to boost their ad revenue and gain better customer equity by this step. With the required expertise and better idea of consumer behavior, Microsoft highlights that mobile gaming is a hefty part of the overall gaming industry, with 51% of coverage over the whole industry.

To conclude, with the decline in PC gaming, Microsoft seems to be more focused on mobile gaming and launching its setup for capturing different markets and attracting various customers within its ecosystems. The existing markets seem to be tougher competition for the organization, but with their expertise and better experience, Microsoft hopes for better results.

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