Meta Quietly Rolls Out A Feature That Enables Users To Check If It Has Their Contact Details

Meta has recently rolled out a much needed feature that allows users to see if the Facebook app has its contact details.

While it may have been done silently, the company is most likely to have all sorts of contact details belonging to users like phone numbers, email IDs, and the option to either delete or block.

This tool has been up for grabs since May of this year and reports from Insider claim the option was set up without Facebook or Meta going public about the news despite it being a major deal.

Insider seen pointing out the tool and it’s certainly well hidden from the likes of others. And thankfully, we’re getting more details about what to expect and when.

While the text that has been linked provides no such major details, one thing is for sure. It simply goes on to read things like, click here if there are any questions regarding rights that you’ll have.

We bet you’re just as curious as us in terms of wondering about this new contact-blocking feature because as the name goes, that’s what it really is. It’s really a cut-to-the-chase type of offering.

No matter which type of service Meta users have signed up for, they’re definitely going to be providing contact details that are stored for obvious reasons.

For a number of years, the company has used users to sign up for various apps and also to share details like phone contacts or the goal of assisting them to look for their long-lost pals and more. But it comes at a cost. Meta has a combination of applications that boast nearly users in the figure of 3 billion.

For years, dozens of information have come around and it’s been saving details since then of all these users from all of these apps. So what this tool does allow is non-users are getting the chance to mitigate damages and while it's targeting all sorts of people who haven’t signed up, it’s bound to be super useful to everyone out there as it gives insight to those that have issues with the matter.

The feature first asks if you’d like to scan for phone numbers, email IDs, or simply a landline number. This could be put up by a friend using the main apps of Meta. Once you ask them, and they confirm, you can request a way to stop it from getting uploading to the database again. The whole idea is to stop it from being kept as a copy on the block list.

In just a few seconds, you’ll be good to go and before you know it, the data is scanned and Meta even goes the extra mile to see if users would like those details to be blocked or not. How useful and convenient we believe.

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