New Report Says 3 In 10 Of Users Are Unhappy With Their Initial Google Search Results

New research by SEMRush is proving how people aren’t too happy with Google Search and usually end up redoing it to help find what they’re looking for.

Think along the lines of 30% of people refining their queries to search for what they’re looking for because that’s how dissatisfied they were on the initial attempt.

The report highlights the importance of keywords here and how important it is for users to be super specific about what it is that they’re in search of.

We saw a Tweet recently go viral where it was liked by more than 60,000 people and it went on to add how people were just not happy with Google Search as it failed to provide them with what they were looking for when they were limited on time. It noted how difficult life had become to find certain types of data on the world’s leading search engine platform.

And that’s when we saw so many people give out their viewpoints on the matter. They had a lot to say and so many types of advice came out like how about using quotation marks. But one person who was the main one to discuss the matter did mention how the time had come that we shouldn’t be required to rely on the likes of advanced search operators to get the job done. And another agreed that it was high time that Google pulled up its socks and provided users with what they wanted or was in search of.

But if you think only non-SEOs are the ones having a hard time coping with one, well, think again because even SEO professionals are feeling the same.

Other interesting findings that we saw on the app included how 32% of users only used one or perhaps two keywords when conducting a search. The figures were slightly higher for those using their smart devices to conduct a search with 3 or 4 keywords.

Then there was some discussion on how the search behaviors were just weird in general. We saw people using long keyword phrases for searches and that’s because they felt that without doing that, they wouldn’t be provided with the right information by Google.

You’ll be shocked to know how so many people were actually making multiple search queries for what they were in search of. The study says that about 55% of the time, two searches were performed for the same query on the Google platform. So it’s very clear that people are not happy with the results that are put forward by Google on the first attempt.

So as you can see, it’s getting really hard for us to make Google find the right answers. But then we’ve got experts shouting out the opinion that in all reality, people may have really forgotten how search engines aren’t too great at doing their job. This is not something new and people tend to forget just that.

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