Facebook Decides To Remove Its 360 Cover Photos Feature Soon

Facebook has opted to kill it's much talked about and used 360 cover photo feature as early as November 5th of this month.

The news comes to us thanks to social media expert Mat Navarra who revealed through his status on Twitter the latest happening.

Moreover, users are allowed to update their cover photos using this feature before the above-outlined date, he went on to add. As a part of its replacement, we’ll be seeing the platform include still images.

For years now, Facebook has been a huge supporter of these 360-degree images and videos that add a new dimension to content on the app itself. We saw it include support for the feature through the platform too. It came with plenty of hype as this was the first time that we’d see a new feature on the app introduced for cover photos.

So users could take images on the app and then use those very same images as cover photos on their profiles. How’s that for added convenience? But now, seeing this feature fade away and get replaced with other still images might make quite a few users upset who were accustomed to the offering. Now, we will have to bid farewell.

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