Meta Is Giving Creators New Features Including More Monetization Tools And NFTs

At Meta, it’s Creator Week and the tech giant is doing everything in its power to come forward and give back to its creator community.

The company will be providing its creators with some new and exclusive features that include the likes of monetization opportunities, NFTs, and more. Similarly, it’s making fan subscriptions on Instagram a thing now too.

For starters, creators in the US can benefit from Instagram's fan subscriptions whereby creators can have a go at monetizing their efforts via audiences that engage in their respective communities.

Instagram was seen first launching its fan subscriptions for creators a while back as a part of its expansion that’s designed to keep top talent in line on the app. Then with subscriptions, the creators are going to be able to set out monthly fees that range between $1 to $100 and that is what gives these paying members full access to subscribers and selective live stream options too. In addition, they can benefit from the likes of badges and Stories to better assist creators in identifying their respective supporters.

Instagram is not taking any cut from things like subscriber revenue but fees paid out would be liable to giving firms like Google and Apple a 30% cut for any in-app purchases. But right outside of that, money that’s raised will be the creators. So as you can see, it’s a new avenue that needs to be explored further so Instagram can produce content.

In the same way, we’re seeing Meta introduce a new feature called gifts that would be launched in Instagram Reels. This gives viewers the chance to put out virtual gifts for Reels creators. This would end up allocating costs for a particular gift as donations.

So as you can see, it’s more or less similar to the idea of Facebook Stars but has its own twist attached and would end up drawing a lot more attention and engagement as revealed by experts across the board. But for now, this feature is being tested for users in the US before a widespread rollout occurs.

More creators are also being given the chance to access fan donation features that allow supporters to allocate various types of funds during either video or live streams.

In the same way, we’re seeing Meta test its Stars featuring in a manner that enables it to pop up across their content in an automatic manner. This would also be seen in both images as well as text content.

Last but not least, we’re seeing Meta venture into the world of NFTs with a bang. Be it the sales or the creation of the feature, it’s going to be done on Instagram now. This will take place with the help of a new toolkit that enables direct purchasing within the platform.

NFTs will further come enhanced with more metadata from other sources. The whole idea is to produce an attractive product for all people that can later be featured on the metaverse too.

The whole idea is to keep users using and posting on the platform and if helping them make money motivates them to do just that, then so be it.

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