Twitter Is Quickly Coming Up With New Technique That Allows Banned Users To Return

It finally looks like all the rumors surrounding Twitter allowing banned users to return to its platform are now true.

And that’s because Elon Musk is coming up with a new method that would allow just that to take place. The news comes as the new Twitter CEO mentioned in his recently published tweet on Tuesday that his platform wouldn’t allow anyone to return that broke the app’s policies until or unless they were sure that a clear process has begun to initiate that. And for that to ensue, it would take a few more weeks.

Musk is yet to go into detail about his approach to how it would unban such individuals. Moreover, in the past week, Twitter says it’s setting up a new council that entails people having some unique views that would end up deciding which people can return and which cannot. Also, he says that no leading content decisions would be made abruptly without the board’s intervention.

Now another main question is linked to who will be a part of the Twitter board. Musk did mention how the committee is going to include the likes of those hailing from the civil rights community as well as groups that work against hate-fueling violence.

It’s quite ironic how Twitter had made a new advisory board called the Trust and Safety Council. This sprung up in the year 2016. It comprised all sorts of people including so many experts that would assist the firm in creating policies that still exist in today’s time but we’re not sure if the billionaire CEO is aware of that or not.

On Tuesday, Elon Musk was seen holding talks with leaders about how it hopes Twitter can better combat issues linked to hate as well as harassment as the upcoming midterm elections arise in the US.

So far, the CEO says at least one of the most controversial individuals who was banned from the app in 2021 would soon return. And that was Donald Trump, the US former president. For now, it’s going to be unclear if white supremacy conspiracy theorists would be allowed to come back or not.

One week back. Musk mentioned how anyone who felt was suspended for minor reasons would be allowed to escape from Twitter jail as he simply felt it was unfair to keep them banned for so long.

As it is, Musk has already requested that Twitter conduct a review of its hateful content policy that concerns matters linked to both punishments for labeling trans people or misgendering them. But for now, we’re not really sure what changes are planned.

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