Meta Fires Two Dozen Workers For Misusing Their Accounts On Instagram And Facebook

A report by Wall Street Journal has spoken about some shocking internal affairs at the Meta headquarters.

The company recently showed zero tolerance in terms of laying off the employees that it felt were up to no good. According to a recent article published by the WSJ, we heard about two dozen employees getting fired as they failed to follow the organization's policy.

The culprits were accused of misusing their social media accounts while also exploiting an account recovery tool, Online Operations, and even the Oops feature.

The specific account recovery tool was believed to act as an alternative for the restoration of accounts on the Facebook and Instagram apps. It enables workers to file out reports that have to do with accounts that can’t be accessed at the moment. This way, control may be restored for different Meta employees and their acquaintances.

We even witnessed the tool peak between the years 2017 to 2020 and that’s when various processed tasks saw a spike from 22,000 to 50,000.

Among those fired, many employees had ended up taking huge bribes worth thousands of dollars that arose in the form of Bitcoin. The bribes were reportedly made by users that had been locked out of accounts and even hackers that wished to gain access to such accounts on the apps. The fired individuals included Allied Universal’s security guards that were present at Meta’s facilities.

The statement sent out by Meta mentioned how people selling fraudulent services were targeting various social media apps and using smart tactics for detection methods used around the industry.

They also warned against the use of buying or selling of accounts that pay for such services as doing so violates their Terms. The company has been updating security measures to follow up on such activities. Meta vowed to continue taking action against such schemes.

Some businesses were also found that offered paid options for the recovery of such accounts. Meta says that insiders are the ones that are involved the most and they’re keeping a strict check after the incidents grow with the passing of time.

Such crackdowns against rogue employees started after a probe was conducted and it showed the incorrect use of Meta’s internal operations. This news also arrived during a time when the company had plans of firing around 13% of its employees.

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