Many Marketers Claim That 2023 Will Be Better Than 2022, But A Large Number of Them Also Say That ATT Is Bringing Negative Effects To Their Campaigns

After covid spread around, it affected the global markets too much. These effects can be seen still now too. But more than half of the app marketers claim that they have good expectations about the market despite the market having been affected by covid-19 and amidst major climatic changes. However, an app market survey by Liftoff claims that 42% of people do not look hopeful about the future. 11% say that app marketing is better than before, 22% say that it is getting somewhat better and 25% that it's almost the same as before. 36% of people in the survey say that the app market is worse than before and 7% say that it's the worst right now. The app market greatly survived the pandemic and now that it's almost over in 2022, 63% of the people from the survey claim that 2023 will be better than 2022 for the app market. 84% of them believe that increasing their mobile ad spending will contribute to the app market revival. The interesting thing about this survey is that 65% of non-gaming marketers are more hopeful about the future of app marketing than gaming marketers.

Only one-third of the people in the survey said that they have increased their budgets in 2022 which have already reached the KPIs and want to increase them a little bit more in 2023. 56% of them have higher KPI targets. The main issue in the app market is privacy. Privacy is the key issue in the app markets that is an obstacle marketers are trying to resolve. 43% of app marketers say that now users are more worried about their privacy protection and look for apps with great privacy. This new approach to users is not going to be good for app markets in 2023.

There have been many privacy policies introduced by many apps recently, and 59% of marketers believe that when an app offers App Tracking Transparency, the users use the app without any fears. On the other hand, 64% believe that these types of privacy policies have bad effects on user acquisition campaigns. 73% of people believe that the problem lies in the lack of data which makes it impossible to make any decisions. 72% said that their costs increase if they incorporate ATT into their apps. 67% had to change their strategies, the campaigns were less successful for 64% of marketers and 55% said that their KPIs changed due to this.

More than half of the marketers(52%) are all set to increase their budgets in 2023 and only 12% want to decrease them. People in the survey said that they will enlarge their ad campaigns by using fewer trackable channels. 53% of influencer marketing and 52% of social media content will be included in this campaign. There is a chance that 30% of marketers will help in forming fan communities too.

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