Data Shows Social Media Usage Has Peaked As Years Are Passing

IPG Mediabrands' Magna Unit reported that social media usage among people is declining as the years are passing. This may seem like unrealistic news, but it's true. This report was titled The Media Time Paradox which included the media usage of people in the US. In 2019, the average time people spent on media was 82 hours per week. But in 2022, the time dropped to 11.2% and now people spend 72.8 hours on average weekly. Magna is working on consumer media and this report was a part of it. They also said the reason for this decline was due to IRL (in real life) experience.

The most interesting thing was that this decline was even seen in the most popular social media apps too, even TikTok. Magna's Vice President says that it is quite shocking to see the most dominating and popular app TikTok getting a decline in users. Even though TikTok is getting new users every day, the older ones have stopped using the app.

In the year 2022, TikTok usage will decline by 29% as compared to 2021. And compared to 2020, the decline was by 42%. Magna said that this decline in the use of social media is because of two factors. One reason is that people want to decrease their time on social media and another reason is that people are preferring to experience real-life activities more.

As this report didn't cite any specific data about the trend of social media usage, Magna says that the two reasons mentioned above are the only sensible reasons why people are using less social media. As many people started feeling discontinued from reality because of the use of virtual realities through digital media, it was important for them to start experiencing real life.

Magna is expecting that people will start using the metaverse to increase their experience. The people trying to have IRL experience will go out more often to have real-life experiences, maybe go to picnics or theaters. Magna also reports that a big marketing project is on its way to growing IRL experiences. People are now shifting to old forms of media and that's for good.

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