Is The World Obsessed With Subscriptions? This New Report Provides The Most Unique Outlook

In the leading digital world of today, the term subscriptions are bound to ring a bell. And that just goes to show how most of us are so intrigued about getting on board with the right one.

Be it streaming videos and music to attaining the leading top stories in the industry, one thing is for sure. We bet most of our readers have a few subscriptions in place at the moment. But when we sit down and analyze the whole situation, it’s interesting to learn how things may be getting a little out of hand. People are literally getting burned out by the whole ordeal.

The news comes to us thanks to SurePayroll who recently carried out a survey to assess just how big of a problem and how serious this entire craze linked to subscriptions is turning out to be.

Over 1,000 participants were enrolled and were spoken to across the US. They were aged between the likes of 18 to 65. Meanwhile, around 95% of individuals went on to mention how subscriptions are going to stay, whether they like it or not. Interestingly, they’re bound to grow and forget about getting reduced.

A lot of people held the opinion that subscriptions kept them organized and aware of alerts while others felt it gave them more agenda or purpose in life. Around two out of three individuals mentioned how content they were about having the accurate number of subscriptions right by their side.

The results that were published spoke about how there was overlap among the various types of services getting offered. Things that people need are in correspondence with what they need to consider canceling.

As far as fitness and streaming are concerned, well, they make up the lists. And if you’re a fan of subscriptions in general, you’ll be happy that a lot of them might not keep disturbing you for making payments to them. But those who aren’t fans said they’re sick and tired of feeling like they’ve got not a lot of things to do.

You usually aren’t doing anything but renting access to things instead of the comfort of owning them. As it is, the study showed how not a lot of individuals were a fan of having them by their side, as 11% spoke about hating them.

Around 25% of the people surveyed felt subscriptions were a waste of money and they’re super expensive most of the time.

Meanwhile, the top categories in terms of popularity for various subscriptions out there today included the likes of tech stuff. At least 36% of the people appreciated having their software licenses renewed or even other important things like their cloud services.

Next in line in terms of popularity were food and drink and their respective deliveries. But one piece of news that this survey revealed and was also something we found interesting is how 30% of people were actually sharing a subscription with someone else. This might be why Netflix is cracking down on such behavior as password sharing.

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