Elon Musk Reassures EU That Twitter Would Abide By Its Rules Regarding Illegal Online Content

Elon Musk has provided all sorts of reassurance to the EU about how the platform is ready and willing to abide by its tough European rules and regulations. This includes illegal content policing right now which is mandatory for all firms to follow.

The news was revealed by sources from the EU on Monday.

Meanwhile, a new report that was recently unveiled spoke about the new Twitter CEO informing how the app was going to follow the rules and comply with them in accordance with the guidelines seen in the Digital Services Act. This would levy huge fines on various firms in case they don’t control any type of illegal content.

The famous free speech absolutist mentioned how he was keen on holding meetings with France’s ex-finance minister. The news comes after Musk received a recent warning about how the app would be forced to regulate in a way that is best suitable to the European body.

The famous landmark rules by lawmakers in the EU meant tech giants would be forced to do more to make sure illegal content does not make its way on the app as huge platforms would now need moderators as compared to small-scale ones.

Firms are going to be facing huge fines that go up to 6% of the yearly global turnover and also cause a breach of the Digital Services Act. These are a fixed sort of reassurances from billionaire Elon Musk that are showing his attitude as the app’s new CEO and how keen he is to make things work in the continent.

As of now, we have very few details about how things are going to end up working out after his mega buyout of the firm. Moreover, he did plan on cutting down the workforce and that has left around 7500 people in doubt about what the future holds.

Recently, the Tesla CEO mentioned how he was not keen on the acquisition solely for the purpose of his wealth but also to generate more revenue and also to assist the humanity that he adores.

Musk had personally met the EU commissioner in the month of May of this year. Moreover, the duo was seen signaling during the time agreed that they would be aligned with all of the EU regulations.

A recent video posted up by Twitter showcased Breton in conversation with Musk at a meeting held in May. It went about fitting very well with what things needed to be done and how it was well aligned with Breton’s way of thinking.

Photo: NTB/Carina Johansen via REUTERS

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