Fake Twitter Accounts Outside The UK Are Fanning A Chain Of Hate And Violence In The Country

A new report by researchers is shedding light on a striking incident involving violence taking place between both Hindus and Muslims. This took place in the United Kingdom and was said to be done by fake Twitter accounts hailing from India.

The news was first published by Bloomberg in striking research where a whopping 500 inauthentic accounts called for violence and even promoted memes and indecent videos that were made on the Twitter app. This took place in Leicester during the months of late August and early September in 2022 as confirmed by the researchers hailing from Rutgers University.

The rivalry between India and Pakistan can’t be denied and a cricket match that took place on August 27 had rioters holding sticks and weapons and turning to the streets while the police were forced to calm down the situation. Homes, religious artifacts, and cars had been destroyed during such clashes and those went on for a good couple of weeks. In the end, it resulted in a staggering 47 arrests as revealed by Leicestershire police.

There were all types of videos taking center stage in social media. They featured houses of worship being set on fire with so many kidnappings and police warnings getting issued. But the police kept on telling citizens not to believe whatever they see on the web. Researchers claim that whatever wrong was done, it had originated in India.

There has been a lot of unrest in places like India where most of the citizens were Hindus and are being ruled under Prime Minister Modi. This led us to another narrative that there are Hindus located outside the nation. Many videos of violence and oppression taking place against Muslims quickly became the subject of debate.

Now, researchers in the US are using state-of-the-art technology to make these confrontations.

The role of social media in today’s time means we’re seeing a lot of detailed views about foreign influencers and how much disinformation they’re passing at the local level. It has transpired into a new clash and is occurring in the most diverse cities in the United Kingdom.

There were around 70% of violent tweets showed sentiment analysis. One meme even went as far as falsely speaking about Hindus being under attack. And then were some of the most offensive cartoons taking center stage.

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