Instagram is adding a new feature to share moments, just like BeReal

Meta's Instagram is currently planning to introduce a new feature on its platform, as highlighted by Alessandro Paluzzi, a leaker, and developer. Alessandro recently tweeted that the social media giant is adding “Glimpse” as a new way to share moments.

The idea behind Glimpse is similar to the one offered by the famous French social media application, BeReal. The concept is to share a picture once a day without any filters to make it more authentic. Similarly, Glimpse users will be able to share what they are doing at any given time of the day by snapping from the front and back cameras.

Initially, when the feature was first under discussion back in August 2022, the name was going to be “Candid Challenge." Users would have a limited amount of time, according to some sources, 2 minutes, to share a picture of what they are up to at the time of the challenge. The reason why BeReal gained popularity was that it promoted authenticity among users. Instead of posting about all the good things, BeReal asks its users to share more about their daily life activities.

But according to the post shared by Alessandro, Instagram is giving up the idea of challenges and just working on a feature where there will be no time limit. A user will only be allowed to view glimpses of others if they share a glimpse of themselves as well.

In comparison to BeReal, Glimpse will let its users post their moments more than once, whereas, on the French app, the users will be notified randomly by the app that now is the time to post about what they are up to. And for next time, they will have to wait another day.

One of the screenshots shared by Alessandro shows that Instagram glimpses will only be shared with followers and not with the public. Though no official news has been shared by the officials, based on the snapshots shared in the tweet, it appears that the feature will be available shortly.

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