Google Play Makes A Series Of Changes For Apps Designed For Kids

Google Play has today rolled out a series of changes to various programs and policies linked to Android apps that are designed for kids.

The tech giant has called the update to be a major expansion from one seen in the past called the Teacher Approved initiative. This entails a mega-review process that has teachers and so many experts worried about what the future holds for these young individuals. From the best safety and security elements, there’s something in there for everyone.

The newly created policies will be impacting the way apps are qualified for the program and which apps would now be gaining entry to the famous Kids Tab that is seen on the Play Store.

The changes are designed to streamline policies situated for that are made for young kids and that would entail a larger number of apps that would be eligible for review by the Teacher Approved Program. Moreover, so many policy updates and other changes would be pushing Android app developers to include stricter regulations related to software that targets children.

Before this, we saw Google Play run around two different programs that were related to apps and were aimed at children.

So many app developers were needed to participate in the program that was titled, ‘Designed for Families’ and the app was for kids and those of older age. There was a fixed set of requirements that needed to be obeyed related to the app’s content, functionality, and so many warning labels.

Now, the new guidelines would be pointing out the likes of a specific location and even prevents the developers from sending out device identifiers from kids and additional privacy among so many others things.

Today, developers are merging such requirements into the Google Play Families Policy. This ends up strengthening the regulations in place for developers around such applications which target the younger generation.

We heard about such an initiative way back in the year 2020 and that’s when strict lockdowns were in place. And remember, the world had shifted to remote or virtual learning and so it made sense.

The new safety requirements are being put in place thanks to assistance from a large panel of experts and then there are some 200 different teachers located in the US. So as you can see, there are a lot of painstaking efforts Google Play is taking for this directive.

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