Google Plans On Bidding Farewell To Its Street View App As Early As Next Year

It appears that Google has turned off the switch for its Street View app which could be gone by next year.

The company is known for pulling the plug on so many of its projects recently and this might be the next one. Moreover, they’re taking place so frequently that it wouldn’t be wrong to say that there is a whole webpage that is dedicated to the likes of doing just that.

The latest happening has to be this, thanks to a recent deep drive that glanced over a software update which could mean it’s correct.

As explained to sources at 9to5Google, this data was reportedly seen in the app’s most recent updates for Street View and that can be found across the Google Play Store too.

It’s a warning that shows how the app would no longer be in existence from March 21, 2023. And hence, all computers are requested to put out 360-degree videos in the future in advance.

But another similar warning was also generated for Photo Paths. This offering was seen putting out images of places that were not traveled as much. But for now, no replacement for such an offering is available as of yet.

In case you don’t recognize the app or feel it’s not too famous, well, we’ve got news for you in terms of what it is and what it does.

It’s strictly for those who wish to go down deep into various locations around the globe. Moreover, you’ll find people clicking and posting their own versions of 360-degree images and video content from various places around the globe.

But in case you are worried about the whole concept of Street Views being deleted from the likes of Google Maps, well, there's no reason to break a sweat there. It’s only applicable to the dedicated app itself.

All of these offerings were uncovered by pulling apart a new update on the platform so matters may change too. But in case the news is true, it’s definitely going to be awfully sad to see such a good app come to an end for users around the world.

The news comes as Google was seen celebrating 15 years linked to Street View. We also saw how the feature went live on some Google Maps around the world. And now, more and more tools are being used for the offering and for capturing different places.

In case you are interested, you can download this application right now and give it a go before it gets deleted forever.

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