Google Search Is Helping Users Get The Best Black Friday Deals With Its Upcoming Tools

It’s the shopping event that many people have been anticipating for a while now. And in case you’re still wondering what we’re talking about, it’s Black Friday.

This is all about making big purchases at the best price points and what if we told you Google Search wants you to get the best bargains with its own new tools?

It’s perfectly aligned with the holiday season and we feel no better time than now for the tech giant to introduce the tools than in times of economic uncertainty like right now.

We’re expecting to see a mega 43% of shoppers across the US search for the best bargains when compared to the likes of previous records. To help with this offer, well, there’s a new tag called ‘Special Offer’ that would appear on thumbnails of products users wish to purchase. Moreover, such tags are designed to help make promotions up and running in a more visually appealing manner. They come with attachable coupons that are found when browsing.

Searching for the item would end up giving you coupon codes that you add at the checkout counter so that when you purchase, you can avail of it easily. As Google recently mentioned, it has a lot of plans in store to incorporate such clipping features for coupons. It’s like the chance to copy and paste codes without the likes of adding words like ‘special offer’ that are said to roll out in the next few weeks. But for now, there is no confirmation as far as dates are concerned.

Other than that, there is some news about price insights that Google wants to add from its Shopping tab to the main Search page. This would be for both mobile devices and also for desktops.

Hence, users will be given the chance to check prices arising at various places and stores and how it alters with time. So this way, buyers know exactly when they would like to make purchases.

While the change is small, it can be super useful in that it means users don’t have to go back and forth from one tab to the next. Everything is right there in the center view and would be launched by the end of this month.

It’s a new and exclusive side-by-side viewing order to avail the best or budget-friendly deals. So instead of you having things at full prices, you’ll be seeing things at sale prices. But Google plans to make it super organized for quick views and will be placed in the Deals area for fast browsing.

All of these features would be made available for the likes of US users for now as confirmed by the firm’s representative. But it won’t be long before we see them pop up for others around the globe.

Hence, we’ll keep an eye out for when that exactly happens so stay tuned!

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