The New Google Docs Update Is For The People Who Make Spelling Mistakes While Writing A Document

Google has announced a new update called enhanced spell check which is a solution to your most embarrassing problem. People tend to make spelling mistakes while writing a document, keeping that in mind, the engineers over at Google Docs has introduced an update in which you will be able to see the wrong-spelled words in red underlined.

The word processor in Google Docs will detect when the spelling of a word is not right and then underline it with red. However, it will not show you the suggested right spellings or words. It will just let you decide whether the word you are writing is correct or not.

The incorrect underlined word feature is already in google docs but now this enhanced word feature will not make a misspelled word incorrect let you consider if you want to revise that want or let it be it. The users will also be able to add that word to their dictionary.

The Google Docs representative says that this feature will greatly help you by highlighting your errors by which you will be able to write correctly and with confidence. You will not have to worry about whether what you are writing is correctly spelled or whether you have to make changes. This way not only will your document be reviewed but you will also check in with the spells and if you have used the right word or not.

This feature has already been added to Google Docs but it is only available in the English language. So enhanced spell check will only work when you are writing something in English. Over time, it will also be available in other languages like French, Spanish, Dutch, etc.

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