China On A Mission To Ramp Up Its Tech Industry With The Production Of 25 Million VR Headsets By 2026

China really wants to take its VR industry to new heights as it recently announced the decision to amp up the production of VR headsets.

The target to achieve comprises more than 25 million VR headsets by the year 2026 but that’s not all.

It is also hoping to create more than 100 different firms in this regard and is trying to make the most of the golden opportunity before Zuckerberg’s metaverse comes into action.

At least five different ministries have put out a plan in the country of how they’re willing to achieve the rather ambitious target. Along the way, China also hopes to strengthen its digital presence while creating new bonds linked to culture and economics that could really boost its industry.

The news was first reported yesterday by leading media outlet Reuters which claims work has already begun to achieve the massive goal.

For now, it is not clear if the country’s government is wishing to hit that massive target for shipments on a yearly basis or one that’s cumulative, with the latter being more realistic than the former of course.

The same plan is being laid out by the nation to allow for the VR and AR industry to reach a revenue comprising $48 billion with the creation of different AR and VR firms to assist with the production of these headsets.

The document released by the government makes it appear that China is really ready to make some huge breakthroughs and use the latest forms of technology comprising 3D, VR, and immersive audio and visual engagements. Moreover, the country plans on incorporating all of the technology in various sectors such as health, education, IT, media, and travel among so many others.

For now, the country is stressing the creation of various forms of technology like better LCD, micro LED, and more, alongside state-of-the-art tracking systems for translating human expressions in the ever-so-interesting virtual world.

The news comes as the country is also on the verge of making huge developments in its semi-conductor industry after the US announced that it would no longer be aiding the nation and has even gone as far as blocking its own companies from shifting modern and impressive chip technology to various makers in China.

So as you can see, there’s a lot in store but how the nation plans on achieving so much in such little time is definitely going to be an interesting affair to witness.

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