SpaceX All Set To Market Its Starlink Products On Twitter

It’s just been days since Elon Musk acquired Twitter but that does not mean he is coming slowly.

We’ve seen top executives get fired followed by the workforce being reduced to half and a set of new plans that have ended in ruins. But he is not giving up and has mentioned previously in the past that some things do work out while others don’t.

Now, we’re hearing about the SpaceX owner beginning a new venture. In case you were not already aware, SpaceX has purchased plenty of ad space across the Twitter app. And as confirmed by the company’s internal records, it has big plans in the world of marketing.

As recently confirmed by CNBC, we are talking about leading brands pulling out advertisements from the Twitter application. Moreover, the ad package that it has reportedly purchased usually ends up costing nearly $250,000 and it enables the firm to put the brand at the top of the list for the entire day.

SpaceX revealed how it’s advertising its Starlink goods and services in two nations first. These include the likes of Australia, followed up by Spain and these were a part of the brand’s internal documents, he adds.

And it’s definitely something new for the firm. You hardly ever see SpaceX purchasing ad space from the platform. But the fact that they all end up sharing similar CEOs which as Musk means we might be seeing this occur more frequently than ever.

Next up, we assume that users of the Twitter app in the two nations may be promoted to purchase subscriptions for Starlink too.

Elon Musk is definitely going to prefer to get $250,000 in the world of ad revenue from places he does not have shares or own, we can see where this decision is taking him.

Firstly, it benefits the billionaire because SpaceX would be making payments to Twitter and that is another way to see the concept of free advertising taking center stage. Remember, SpaceX no longer has to pay another third-party firm.

Secondly, we’re seeing Twitter highlight its advertising offerings and that can persuade other companies to make the most of the ad space on the app again.

As it is, Twitter is going through some awfully difficult times. We are seeing the likes of leading names such as GM, Pfizer, Volkswagen, and more pull out ads from the company after its verification crisis that is now currently on hold.


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