WhatsApp is adding a nifty feature for savvy users, learn more about it here

WhatsApp is onto some new latest updates of the app and bringing the version up to So, what can you expect from this update?

Well, a new update enables the users to open chat with their own mobile numbers (that's from your ownself). A similar update of this kind is available on other networks, such as Messenger and Instagram. Users could easily send messages to themselves and save their videos and documents. Now the same feature is accessible in WhatsApp apps.

The new updated version was said to be rolled out at the end of October. It was available to some beta testers before to check the accessibility of the updated version. The company is making improvements to sending messages to yourself on WhatsApp beta for Android and iOS. Before the launch of the feature, users were allowed to send messages to themselves, but they needed to click on WhatsApp to open their chat.

To access the feature, users need to update their WhatsApp to the latest version. Once you do that, go to your contact list on WhatsApp, and there you will find a separate chat bar that says “message yourself”. You can open the private self chat with your own phone number and can start saving up the documents or any other files there.

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