YouTube Introduces New Way For Creators To Connect With Viewers Through A ‘Live Q&A’

YouTube wants creators to get to know their audiences better. And that’s why it has recently launched a new initiative called a Live Q&A.

This allows creators to speak to fans and audience members that have been watching their channel frequently. The session will take place via a Livestream chat or YouTube Premiere. Moreover, the live Q&A would be moderated and would be holding similar rules as those seen during the settings in place for live chats.

Hence, derogatory terms are prohibited while creators will be getting the chance to set out questions for a great review. Similarly, users would be given the opportunity to report queries that they feel aren’t in line with the app’s guidelines.

This particular feature is going to be super convenient for many creators as it gives them the chance to provide responses to various queries when they’re going live.

If you happen to take part in a live chat, you’ll know that the audience has the right to ask queries but they tend to be missed out as there is a sea of messages. This is despite the fact that there are a decent number of people participating in the chat.

With this session up and running, audiences can connect immediately with their favorite creators. All questions will come forward in a systematic and chronological order on users’ screens. The oldest ones would be found at the top while the newer ones would be at the bottom.

There is a certain limit to the exact figure of questions that could be asked. For instance, only 200 questions and those beyond this would no longer pop up anymore. Hence, we don’t see why this can’t be another wonderful addition to the app’s offerings.

YouTube has mentioned time and time again how they’re on the search for ways through which creators may connect with fans on the app. And this just seems to be a wonderful step in that very direction.

To have the feature activated, tag it along to any live stream or a YouTube Premiere. And if you wish to begin the session, all that creators need to do is press the plus icon seen in the Live Chat. After that, press ‘Start a Q&A’. And then users would be allowed to add prompts that would later be pinned and then featured on chat windows.

At that particular point in time, users would be able to send their queries would start popping up in the form of a list on the window. Then, creators can select which queries pop up at the top as your pinned message.

Creators have the chance to press on any query and answer them all. Moreover, every query gets replaced by pinned texts and the process is ongoing. In case you wish to end the session, you simply press close on the final pinned query, and then a prompt to shut down the session would occur.

If you haven't noticed, YouTube has been awfully aggressive in recent times. It has added some great new features and also altered its look in general. And let’s not forget that even though the competition is very high, the firm still tries to look for new ways to put creators and viewers on the app at bay. It’s no wonder why it managed to include 30 million subscribers in 2021 to its Premium offering.

We know that this rollout is going to be loved by fans who often complained to creators and the app in feedback about how most often, they never get replies to questions from their favorite creators.

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