Apple Cuts Back On Twitter Advertising Despite Being One Of The App’s Leading Tech Advertisers In 2022

More drama is taking center stage on Twitter and this time around, it’s linked to leading iPhone maker Apple.

Elon Musk has published a new tweet that speaks about how Apple has almost discontinued all ads on the Twitter app. He called out the tech giant and asked if the reason had to do with how opposed they were to free speech.

Right after that, we saw Musk put out a poll that asked people if Apple would be publishing all actions made in the name of censorship. This includes those related to the impact their decisions have had on users.

After that, Musk started to retweet all sorts of content coming forward from firms that the iPhone maker had discussions with regarding the subject of moderation. He similarly retweeted a parody video from 1984 that suggested how Apple’s App Store was nothing more than a monopoly.

Ever since the billionaire has taken over power at Twitter, advertisers were seen pulling back and now, it appears that Apple might be the latest one in this regard to pull back.

In case you’re wondering why, well, it’s no surprise here that Elon Musk has a lot to do with it. His erratic behavior, firing sprees, and decision-making are just beyond a lot of people. And now, he seems to be on some sort of a mission to reinstate banned accounts on the platform, right after he did the same with former US President Donald Trump.

Since the past few weeks, we saw the workforce reduce further and today, the app’s policy creation and moderation team is empty because most of those handling it are gone. So it wouldn’t be wrong to say there is absolute chaos on the app.

Let’s not forget that questionable $8 Blue subscription by Twitter Blue that entailed account verification. Soon, users started to take advantage of that and even began impersonating others leading to absolute disaster.

Then we saw advertisers pulling back like it’s no one’s business and that leaves Twitter in the most vulnerable situation imaginable because a huge chunk of revenue generation comes through advertising.

Despite the billionaire’s great efforts to try and persuade advertisers to stay on the app, he’s having great difficulty as many fear the downfall of the app is near because of Musk’s decisions. The persuasion by Musk is not working and it’s actually backfiring.

Musk knows that and that’s why he has a plan B in store if Google and Apple choose to boycott the app and remove it from the Play and App Stores. This may mean we may have another competitor in the world of phones that are better than iPhones and Android.

Despite so much talk about Apple taking a back seat in terms of advertising on Twitter, a recent analysis report is shedding light on how Apple and its fellow subsidiaries are actually one of the biggest advertising partners for the app.

These figures share a very important aspect. So far in 2022, Apple has actually ended up spending nearly $39 million on Twitter’s ads. Moreover, another expert from Apple says that this figure is actually representing the greatest amount of social media ad spending that Apple has made in 2022.

Still, the problem here is very obvious. Twitter is upset because leading names that have worked with the app over the years are now pausing advertising and Musk thinks they’re on a mission to kill Twitter.

There are a lot of concerns that some advertisers have regarding brand safety and even content moderation on Twitter and until Musk doesn’t provide them with reassurance, it’s going to be so hard.

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