Confusing Matters At Twitter As Tech Giant Asks Some Of Its Fired Employees To Return While Hiring More

You may have heard about the mega-firing spree involving Twitter and how it managed to lay off 50% of its workforce. It’s all thanks to billionaire Elon Musk and his mega $44 billion acquisition of the firm.

It even sacked leading executives and the CEO under the orders of Musk who is now calling out all of the shots. But you’ll be amazed to learn that there has been a sudden turnaround. The firm is requesting dozens of fired workers to return and it has the world baffled.

As reported by Bloomberg, those coming back were reportedly fired by mistake and hence are being given a second chance to serve at the company. Meanwhile, so many others had been allowed to leave before the company’s management came to the realization that the work experience of such individuals would be crucial to bringing Elon Musk’s vision to life.

A news report from Platformer noted that a Twitter employee even spoke to other co-workers that were fired if they would ever consider returning back. And there is some speculation about how both Android and iOS would be used for further assistance.

Today, Twitter’s headcount stands at about 3700 workers, much smaller than what it was before that hiring spree took place. All of these people are getting pushed by Musk himself to bring about more fruitful results. This has caused so many employees to sleep their way during office hours.

And the best example is linked to Twitter’s blue subscription. This would enable users to display a blue tick across their accounts on the app for $8, let alone so many others benefits.

But those who were fired are now slamming the firm. They claim that there was a lack of notice provided before they got fired. Musk also mentioned how a huge decline in Twitter revenue was recently seen. He is yet to get into the nitty-gritty details of how much the platform has lost in this period. But one thing is for sure, so many huge firms have put a halt on their advertising partnerships with the company.

Meanwhile, Twitter is currently looking for more employees that could fill up to 90 vacant positions in the company. The news is a shocking turn after it fired half of its workforce on the weekend.

At least 92 different open roles had been highlighted on its Careers Page on Saturday. And a lot of these slots were based in San Francisco.

A total of seven roles had been advertised, and most of them were based in the city of London. This took place around two weeks back. Meanwhile, six of the positions were for software engineers.

The Tesla CEO took over complete ownership of Twitter last week and immediately gave managers the task to make lists of people they felt were no longer required and hence would be getting the boot soon.

Seeing so many advertisers cut ties with the app because it would now be having tiers regarding content moderation just goes to show how many people disapprove of Musk’s innovative plans.

Then on Friday, we saw Elon Musk mention how strong of a commitment he had toward moderating and how it would remain unchanged. Meanwhile, in a separate tweet, he claims that there was literally no choice left for him but to carry on with his firing spree as the app was at a loss of a good $4 million each day.

So as you can see, it’s definitely not easy for Twitter to sit back and watch figures drop. But now that they’re hiring more people and recalling others just makes one question where the app is really headed.

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