Apple Issues New Warning Of Fewer Shipments For iPhone 14 Pro And iPhone Pro Max

Apple fans aren’t going to be delighted to hear this next piece of news.

The Cupertino firm has issued a warning to both customers as well as investors regarding fewer shipments of the iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max series.

This would be taking place worldwide as the famous tech giant tries to meet ends with the current lockdown of COVID-19 in China which has drastically affected supply.

The firm also shed light on how it definitely sees strong demand in the lineup of both pro models. However, lockdown restrictions have forced the corporation to rethink its strategy and put a hold on plans for early shipment estimates.

This particular warning definitely came at a time when Apple like other arch rivals gears up to take on the mighty festive season.

The facility that’s operating in China is definitely not working at its full capacity and obviously, that really takes a toll on businesses like Apple which rely heavily on the country for its production and shipments of iPhones.

Apple says that it takes the health and safety of all of its workers very seriously and hence would not be putting anything or anyone at risk in this entire ordeal.

As it is, Chinese officials have called for a mega one-week lockdown of the area that surrounds the Zhengzhou plant where Apple’s keen interest is. And similar restrictions were put in that particular region as well.

The iPhone city is definitely Apple’s biggest site for smartphone production. This is also known as its assembly line as it houses nearly 200,000 workers. Today, this plant in China is responsible for producing the majority of iPhone handsets as revealed by analysts located at Counterpoint.

Meanwhile, Foxconn did mention separately on Sunday that it would be revising its fourth quarter forecasts as it works the side of authorities to begin production as soon as possible.

Similar to many organizations, Apple has really been trying to navigate ways to carry out product shipments as a global supply chain disruption occurs for a good two years. This particular disclosure related to shipments is not very common for Apple. It usually tends to do things like this when it announces its earnings call.

This new update is not a major surprise to us right now for obvious reasons. Tim Cook mentioned during his last earnings call how the supply for both these leading iPhones was constrained and that’s why the firm is refocusing efforts to complete the demand and overcome such hurdles.

Apple also reiterated on Sunday how it was working side by side with its supplier to go back to normalcy in relation to its production levels. This would similarly ensure a very healthy and safe working environment for the workers.

Apple does hope this is all temporary as no one likes to hear such news so close to the festive season when demands are soaring.

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