Comparison between Gen Z's favourite brands and those of other generations

Recent data analysis by Morning Consult aimed to highlight brands that were specifically favored by Gen Z in comparison with everyone else.

While overviewing the data, it has been noticed that overall, the favorite brands are not very distinctive as compared to the ones preferred by people from other generations. The data showed Netflix and Walmart among the top favorite brands for people from different generations; however, based on those platforms that give their best for Gen Z, the results become unique.

Social media applications such as TikTok, Discord, or Snapchat may not have their hype among Gen X, Boomers, or millennials, but Gen Z, love these platforms. Data shows TikTok as one of the most popular platforms for Gen Z, with a 69 percent favorability rating; however, the adult percentage was just 39%. Similarly, Discord and Snapchat, followed by Instagram and Cash App, are the top 5 brands with the highest difference in favorability.

TikTok's being at the top of the list didn’t come as a surprise. The short video platform is getting famous among Gen Z, with more and more users joining the application daily. The reason behind Gen Z being more inclined towards such brands could be because they were brought up in the era of modern digital technologies. This could be the reason why the Gen Z population prefers social media applications or online services to get their work done.

What differentiates Generation Z from other generations is that these people are more conscious regarding the ethics, morals, and consumption of their favorite brands than any other population.

However, this difference doesn’t stand due to one of the brands that go against it. Shein is one of the most famous clothing brands among Gen Z. This company promotes clothing on a mass scale, which leads to many items getting wasted. Not only this, but the company came under the spotlight after it was called out for going against labor laws. This goes against the brand's ethics, but still, it is one of the favorites among others.

While comparing Gen Z and millennials side by side, it can be seen that the short video platform TikTok performs better with Gen Z than millennials; similarly, Pixar and Crocs also do the same.

However, brands that are good for all generations don’t follow the trend mentioned above. Instead, these brands are preferred by people of all generations. This list was topped by YouTube with 86.2% favorability, followed by Google, Netflix, Amazon, and M&Ms as the top 5 brands for everyone.

The data shows that Gen Z favors brands that can meet their expectations and don’t go against their ethics or morals. It is difficult for any platform or brand to be accepted by Gen Z.

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