Luxury shoppers are all set to spend this year, according to Saks' latest consumer survey

The latest Saks survey has been conducted recently. The digital luxury fashion site is in complete collaboration with the Fifth Avenue shops.

In light of the Luxury Pulse report, Emily Essner, Chief Marketing Officer at Saks, told that this year, almost 76 percent of the Saks audience is planning to give away either more or the same amount they spent back in 2021. The figures seem to have fallen from seventy-nine percent in the previous year to seventy-six percent in the ongoing year.

Emily further added that the report shows that almost sixty-eight percent of the buyers plan to get done with their Thanksgiving shopping before the holiday, and the figures have come down by three percent in this category as well.

According to the survey, 43 percent of the survey participants prefer using online methods for shopping. Last year, the prices were up by 50%, but this year, shopping directly from the shop seems to have more support. On the other hand, those who are going to use both online and in-store methods are also experiencing a slight shift.

Back in 2021, almost seventeen percent of the audience was going to equally divide their shopping between web shopping and store shopping, but this year, twenty-four percent of the respondents want to do both for their holiday shopping.

When participants were asked for the place from where they’ll be doing their online shopping, the responses showed that both delivery and pickup play an important role. Sites offering free shipping and customer-friendly return policies will be able to attract more customers.

Last year, sixty-eight percent of consumers were going to get done with shopping before Thanksgiving; however, this year, the figures saw a three percent decline, leading to 65 percent of them opting for shopping before the 24th of November.

When asked about the clothes they’ll be wearing for Thanksgiving, sixty-one percent of them are ready to get dressed this year, whereas last year, the values were down at forty-five percent. Similarly, thirty-two percent will be dressed up in formal dress in 2022 as compared to 16% in 2021.

And last, almost half of the total respondents will either be hosting or attending Thanksgiving dinner, while 27 percent plan to use the vacation to travel to ski destinations.

The survey was conducted two months ago, in September, and was based on the responses collected from 2,400 consumers.

Source: BW

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