Apple Confirms It Has No Plans To Massively Increase Ads Across iPhones

A new report has been published in regard to Apple’s Ad Business. And the details are from one insider source who has links to Apple’s advertising division.

According to that, Apple is not keen on adding a great number of ads across iPhones. Moreover, it’s satisfied with the current ads being played across its devices as it’s generating a decent amount of revenue.

The news is definitely a little conflicting and some reports arising from Bloomberg claim Apple is aiming for revenue that is three times greater that the firm’s current ads business. Other interesting facts spoke about how Apple did conduct an investigation that included adding ads to its Spotlight search around four years back. The plan didn’t go down too well.

This report entails a lot of tension brought up by Apple’s product experience and its world of advertising. And it hasn’t been able to achieve that antipathy seen by some members of the Apple workforce. A few people even had some major concerns about the leadership of Apple and how it was going moving ahead too quickly. This might be why Spotlight was never really allowed to move ahead.

Apple’s relationship in terms of the world of advertising really hit a high in the precious month. This was when the app launched two new ad locations on the App Store. This was seen at the bottom of other developers’ app products and also across the famous Today Tab.

The firm has been criticized on numerous occasions by the advertising industry for the launch of the company’s ATTP which really reduced the way third-party advertising networks would share information. A lot of the groups held the strong opinion that this change would be designed to boost the outlook of its own App Store and make it more lucrative and get rid of competitors.

Apple executives don’t agree with this statement and have really called out its customer privacy goals and other user experiences. Moreover, today’s report really backs it all up.

It’s definitely not a huge secret that with the help of earnings calls, the company pointed out various parts of the advertising sector and different services businesses as a part of their way to build revenue.

Today, we’re seeing the changes in the App Store’s search ads really triple the number of ads set out. And if Apple users feel it would plague their entire experience, well, that’s not true. It would be making more revenue and focusing on the higher-end sort of products of the firm.

But Bloomberg says otherwise. They hope to see search ads pop up next to the famous Maps application. The tech giant has even thought about including ads for some major storefronts such as Podcasts and even books. You might see the leading iPhone maker set forth deals in the world of sports for an additional source of ad revenue that would help boost the company.

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