New Report Proves Apple’s Phone Usage Data For Some Apps Is Not Anonymous

Researchers at Mysk are releasing some shocking claims about Apple in regard to its privacy policies for users.

The code sleuths have challenged the firm by stating that while the leading iPhone maker may wish to keep privacy at the top of its priorities, it might not be able to achieve that just yet.

So many iPhone apps carry usage data that isn’t anonymous and can be tracked down easily. Some of the developers have highlighted the existence of a Directory Services Identifier that is very closely associated with the Apple ID and also with the iCloud data. Hence, Apple may end up using this to pinpoint the various browsing activity of its users across the board, as mentioned by Mysk.

As one can imagine, the news is awfully alarming because, at one end, you’ve got a tech giant who claims to be putting out all sorts of bold claims that none of its data gets tracked or can be identified personally. Moreover, it also shows that it can extend to the iOS 16 too.

The researchers have even shared many findings that have gone as far as proving that iOS 14.6 may send out huge volumes of activity related to first-party applications belonging to Apple.

Hence, even if users go as far as disabling such analytics, it makes no difference as the tracking process continues.

Common methods include the likes of keyboard languages, iPhone models, and so many more details that may be utilized for the purpose of fingerprinting users’ devices. As noted by media outlet Gizmodo recently, a mega lawsuit was even sent Apple’s way after developers at Mysk put out private data.

As one can imagine, Apple is yet to comment on the matter as it carries out its own investigation internally. Remember, Mysk claims that a tool by Apple that prevents app tracking by third parties was first seen on iOS 14.5 and hence it wouldn’t be seen taking a toll on different software seen across your device.

Apple might not be seeing the picture here, the developers explained as this is some major news. Apple loves to encrypt users’ data and is definitely processing various types of personal as well as general information as a whole.

See the whole issue here is that the company does not detail any practices related to the collection of analytics. Therefore, this is where the major concern arises. And that’s linked to Apple not staying true to its promises of privacy for users.

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