YouTube has added four new features for a better user experience

YouTube's Creator Insider is back with a new video giving an insight into the new features being added to the platform by the developers. In their latest video, the channel shares some new updates that have been added to YouTube

YouTube, announced a monetization feature, Super Thanks, a while back. The main idea behind this feature was to help YouTubers earn extra cash from their viewers who wanted to show more gratitude towards the content they had posted. Recently, a new update has been added to this feature as its radius has now been extended to 30 more countries, and users can easily purchase these animations and show their gratitude to their favorite content creators.

Viewers can purchase animated icons that can be posted with a customizable message option in the comment section of the particular video. This animation will be visible to the buyer only and will be available on the top. To enable the feature, the creator had to fully fulfill the basic criteria. This included the channel to be monetized and that the creator should be available at a location where Super Thanks is available. Any music channel under SRAV won’t be eligible to use it. Furthermore, age-restricted content, or content made for kids, won't have access to it.

Another new update is with the Studio mobile dashboard refresh getting more user-interactive. The main function of this dashboard is to give the creator some insights into how their channel is performing. It tells them how many views they have gathered, how many likes and dislikes they have gotten, and whether they have new subscribers. And even monetization status. The update is available for all the creators, whether they are using Android or iOS.

The next stop is for users coming from short links who directly land on the channel pivot page. The developers are now doing a new experiment that will land users on the channel page instead of the pivot page when they tap on short from the short player. This will give users easier access to the creators' store and membership.

And lastly, viewers will now be able to see a channel trailer even if they are not subscribed to the channel. The trailer will autoplay for desktop users but not for mobile phone users. However, the developers are working to bring it to mobile phone users as well, with a muted playback experience. Which means it’ll only show the video but not the audio.

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