WhatsApp Users Are Being Spammed With Countless Texts From Businesses Worldwide

Users located in Whatsapp’s largest market are not happy as they’re being bombarded by spam texts.

India is home to the largest number of Whatsapp users worldwide and the people over there are definitely not appreciating being spammed by various brands.

Those with business accounts are facing the dreadful ordeal and they’re hating it. Remember, the news comes at a time when Meta is making the most of its time and efforts on promoting business accounts. It’s one of the firm’s best ways to make money online and with around 2 billion users worldwide, the outlook isn’t that great.

In India alone, we’re talking about nearly 500 million accounts. And these complaints about spam have been going on for the past few months. It’s almost like user experience across this app has altered with time and things need to change soon.

Remember, the app has easily displaced SMS in the country by putting out free messages and that’s just so much more convenient for people.

In the same way, we’ve seen thousands of brands take on WhatsApp business accounts and almost 80% of users did appear satisfied until now. Gone are the days when people solely relied on things like emails and classic text messages. Today, it’s all most apps that provide the convenience that’s free of cost.

One thing that is awfully annoying has to do with how brands that are blocked by a user end up showing again as a new contact with a new number. And it’s getting awfully irritating for so many people.

But some people feel this matter is not a huge surprise. Google has really offered so many people in the nation the chance to use RCS to better their communication skills so that customers across the nation could benefit. For those who aren’t aware, RCS is the name given to Rich Communication Services. It’s the collective effort to supercharge yourself with different SMS using a modern touch. Features like end-to-end subscriptions are included in this.

But after a while, we saw Google put an end to the service because some firms began to abuse the firm’s anti-spam policies. And in the end, it sent out a huge promotional message to many people in the Indian nation.

What’s more? We saw a spokesperson from WhatsApp come forward and shed light on how messaging is super important in terms of getting things done right. It’s much more convenient than your classic email or a phone call.

See, the rule is simple, Meta explained. The way to go about a business deal is for users to request an update if they need one. And that obviously happens before a business can message them. But if that’s not the case, they can easily block or report any issues they may be having at any given point in time.

Meta also added how it’s constantly working by the side of so many firms to make sure their texts are helping others and not turning into a burden. Moreover, they’ve even put up some limits on the number of texts received and sent each day.

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