WhatsApp is working to add captions while forwarding a document and making profile pictures a part of the group conversation

The famous instant messaging application, WhatsApp, is continuously working to add features to its platform. Either these new features may provide new tools to give a much better user experience, or they are just cosmetic features meant to enhance the interface of the application.

According to the latest discoveries by WABetaInfo, the company is working to add two new features for its users. The first one is meant to add captions or messages while sending a GIF or any kind of document. The other is to include images of the group members in a group conversation.

Starting with the ability to add a caption, the upcoming version will have the ability to insert a message or text whenever a user is sending out a gif or video. Initially, documents didn’t have any such option, and it became difficult to find an old document in the conversation. But now, things will become easier as by just searching the caption, the document can be found. A few weeks back, the company announced that it was working on it, and now they’ve officially announced that some of the beta version users will be selected to try this feature out. Currently, it has been marked for its compatibility with the Android beta version.

Moving on to the second update. Unlike the first one, the second one is only to make the chat look more fun. According to WBI, the company is working to make the display pictures a part of the group conversation.

Currently, only the names of the members are displayed during an ongoing discussion, but as per the screenshot shared by the article, the upcoming update will have pictures right next to the names, which will make it easier for the readers to know who sent the message. If someone has saved the names of two people with the same spelling, having a picture by their side will make it more clear.

Furthermore, if a user doesn’t have any display picture or if they hide it for privacy reasons, then by default icon will be displayed.

The feature is still in its initial phase for the iOS beta version, hence no release date has been revealed by the developers.

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