Google Reportedly Purchases AI Avatar Startup Alter For $100 Million

Google has made a major but silent purchase of an AI-powered avatar startup for $100 million.

The firm called Alter was previously known as Facemoji and the news comes to us thanks to a recently published report by TechCrunch. While the acquisition was completed two months back, it’s amazing how the world is only figuring that out now.

The search engine giant was seen mentioning more about the acquisition on Thursday but it failed to outline details linked to the actual date and the price points of the purchase. But it’s also interesting to know how Alter’s COO was seen adding some new biodata details on how he has a new role at Google where he will be taking part in the Avatars division.

As far as the world of publishing is concerned, the website of Alter is currently down and we’ve seen Google really invest heavily in this respect of AI technology. So it does seem to be a great fit from that perspective.

In the past few years, we’ve noticed how Google has been working hard in terms of making investments linked to the center of various products of AI. Let’s take the search feature into consideration for Google.

The company is not only utilizing AI to filter odd or bad results but it’s also trying hard to assist those struggling with their own personal crisis. On the other hand, the hardware that belongs to Google is incorporating the world of AI processing and its cores into the device’s processor to process images and even to allow for speech translation.

In 2018, Google may not have loved where it stood as far as its momentum in the social media world is concerned. But things are certainly picking up the pace with the introduction of its YouTube Shorts which shows how short-form videos are reigning supreme in today’s day and age. It’s providing great competition to the likes of TikTok. Who knows, we might see a collaboration soon that links Shorts with Avatars in the future and we feel it’s just so exciting.

Alter’s home base can be found in America and the Czech Republic. It has some major plans to produce AI-powered avatars of not only individuals but also for things like wardrobes and even accessories.

For instance, people can only make NFT purchases for designer bags and then will accessorize the avatars too in the end. This form of technology would end up being integrated into the likes of video games and also in the metaverse. As recently mentioned in an interview recently with the likes of TechCrunch, the company’s CEO shed light on how all things usually come down to your ego and how they’re shown off like the possession of Birkin bags. So as you can see, Twitter avatars are going to end up showing off people’s assets so others have an idea of their social status, likes, and dislikes.

Clearly, it’s something unique and not an idea we would be thinking about but we’re sure Google knows better as it steps into the avatar world.

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