WhatsApp is releasing a new blur tool for WhatsApp beta on Desktop

Every app needs updates to attract more users and keep the current ones. And WhatsApp is no exception, that's why they have 3 new updates coming up.

First among them is automatic media download that has been made available for some fortunate beta testers. Whenever we receive any sort of files, photos, or any other media on the Web version of the app we have to manually download it by clicking on the file, but this feature for WhatsApp Desktop beta 2.2241.2 changes that completely.

If you want to check whether this feature is available for you or not then you just have to go to settings and there in the menu, you will see the option for media auto-download settings. Just click on that and start setting it to your preferences. One thing you should note is that these settings are not linked with your other devices so if you want the same preferences you would have to change them on every device, this however does not at all mean that you would have to reinstall the Beta version with every change you make.

Secondly, as per WBI, WhatsApp is releasing a new feature that will let users blur certain parts of pictures before sending them to other users. This new edit tool is exactly as it sounds, if you are a user with WhatsApp Desktop beta 2.2241.2 or any other newer version of the App then you should have no problem accessing this feature. Using it is also very easy, once you select a photo to send to a certain user in the editing stage you will see the new blur tool that can be used to blur certain parts of a photo.

Lastly, once you log out of the app on your desktop, a log-out screen will pop up that will state that you have been logged out and list the possible ways this could have happened.

The reasons for this popping up can be 1. You decide to manually log out of the app 2. You decide to remove this session from your phone directly and 3. You change your phone number using the Change Number option that is available in settings. One thing of note is that this is for WhatsApp on Android tablets only.

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