WhatsApp is working on many features including automatically muting large groups and more

WhatsApp is loved all around the world and the popularity of the app only increased after the Covid-19 virus hit and left everyone locked in their homes. The app which is used all over the world has constantly been releasing new features left and right, so today we will be talking about 3 of those features, thanks to WBI.

First up, Privacy on the internet especially with chatting apps like these is important and everybody’s main priority. Just like that, whenever we post statuses on the app they are available for everybody on a person’s contact list and can lead to some very awkward conversations with the boss they just left after telling them that you are sick. Well, this new WhatsApp feature changes that completely because it gives users the ability to dictate who can see their status from the Settings. Then they are presented with these four options Everyone, My contacts, My contacts except, and Nobody, and they can choose from them. Thankfully, Windows beta users can now see these privacy settings in the account menu and hopefully will be able to edit them as well.

Moving on, we all are aware that WhatsApp has made huge groups that can accommodate up to 512 people at a time available for all users over both Android and iOS. Now, due to the sheer size of those groups, it was very unlikely that they would ever shut up and notifications would keep coming and coming so WhatsApp decided to automatically start working on a feature that would upon the creation of the group mute it so users would not have their phones ringing all day. But, there is something we are not clear about just yet. That is whether this change will take place when a user joins a big group or when the group will reach exactly 512 participants.

Lastly, we have seen Avatars first on Snapchat, then on Instagram, and now on WhatsApp as well. With the WhatsApp beta for Android update, some lucky Beta testers were able to set up their avatar and show it off. For those who don’t know an avatar is a digital representation of you that you can use in stickers, gifs profile pictures, and more.

Now you might be wondering how to check if this feature is available on your phone as well, then fear not, checking for this feature is very easy. First, you need to go to settings and if you see an option labeled Avatar, then you can start building your avatar today.

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