A New Feature Has Been Added To Google Shopping Results Which Will Tell What Products Are Trending

During the Search On Event, Google revealed a new Trending tab on Google Shopping Results which will help a lot of searchers. This new Trending Box hasn't officially rolled out and people are still anticipating what it is going to do. It was first spotted by a Twitter user who shared a screenshot of a Google Shopping Page and how we could see a new addition of trending on top of it. This new feature is not only going to help buyers but sellers too. The trending results will show on searching for products in a specific categories.

For instance, you want to buy shoes and go searching for them on Google. The search results will have a trending tab on them. This will help you see which shoe style of which brand is trending nowadays. Another instance could be perfumed. When you search for perfumes, you will get to know which types of perfumes are trending on the online market nowadays. If we talk about buyers' advantages, this feature will help them sell out their products more quickly. This will not only increase their customers but also help to improve their market.

There's still no news about when this update is coming out. Probably it's still under its final touches and Google will officially roll it out soon. What we do know is that users in the USA will be able to use this feature just by the end of November. Now, all we have to do is wait for it to come out so people can start taking advantage of it. Google Search On Event also revealed several other updates and new features too which will bring a change to Google.

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