WhatsApp is working on 2 new features for iOS users

WhatsApp has come up with two new features for its iOS users. According to the WBI, they are planning to introduce reactions for WhatsApp stories and provide a shortcut for text format.

Starting with the Status Reaction feature, the app developers released the beta version of this feature for a limited number of users with an iOS device. After a while, the feature was made available on the stable version of the app, but again for a restricted audience. As of yesterday, iOS 22.21.75 has been released globally on Apple’s App store.

Now iOS users can react to anyone’s story just like on other Meta-owned platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Currently, eight emojis are available, from which a user can select one at a time. To use it, all the user needs to do is swipe the story up and they’ll be presented with the available options.

Though the feature has been released globally for iOS users, it may still take some time for everyone to receive it. So it’s better to keep the app up to date. However, no news has been released for Android users.

Now for the text formatting. Though the formatting feature is supported by all three WhatsApp platforms, the shortcut for this will only be available on iOS 16 as of now.

Users can use formatting to convert regular fonts to italics, bold a word or entire paragraph, strikethrough the text, or change the text to monospace. An alternative way to do this is to tap the BIU menu instead of adding characters. But for iOS users, the BIU has now been replaced with Format.

The beta version has been released, but it’ll only work for devices using iOS 16. Anyone below this won’t be able to see the Format option, and they’ll still be presented with the BIU menu.

Once again, no news has been shared or released on whether these features will be made available for Android users or not. How long will it take for Android users to get their hands on these new updates?

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