WhatsApp Beta Upgrading the version to with a minor change

Another day at Meta and yet another WhatsApp version upgrade. For security reasons, the company has decided to release a new feature. Due to recent breaches of private accounts that have the potential to harm many users' reputations, WhatsApp has settled to implement two-step verification for all WhatsApp accounts.

What should we be expecting from this? Well, this new feature allows users to secure their accounts by simply verifying them with WhatsApp’s two-step verification tactic. This new version is supported by the Google Play Beta Program to upgrade the level of WhatsApp to WhatsApp, owned by Meta, is still employed on this feature before they decide to launch it for the general public.

Moreover, WhatsApp’s 2-step verification is crucial to protect your account from any harm or breaches. Therefore, it is advised to set up a system where you can have hold of your account by simply verifying the mobile phone number with WhatsApp. For you to do that, WhatsApp’s two-step verification has added an extra safety measure in which they will ask you to set up a security pin for an extra coating of safety.

Before setting up a security pin, WhatsApp will enquire you to submit six digital codes for two-step verification, and after that, the operators are enabled to enter the security password to save the account. WhatsApp has advised users to set up a security system by allowing two-step verification. They have added a separate section to make 2-step verification easy to find for users.

Users only need to go to the section of WhatsApp's account security page to turn on the option. After you open settings, a two-step verification test will prompt you to verify the account. The account will be more secure with 2-step verification, which is a safety measure.

Furthermore, if the user does not want to turn on the verification step, they can skip that part. WhatsApp has not made the “secure your account” section mandatory, it is there for your security. If you want to enable it, go through the steps, and if you do not want to, skip the section. Although WhatsApp has requested the operators to authenticate their accounts for future security measures so that the system remains protected.

If you are wondering how to permit the system. Open your WhatsApp account and click three dotted sections in the right corner. Go to settings and then press account. You will find the two-step verification section right there on the third line.

The feature is underdeveloped as yet. WhatsApp has not given any dates as to when they will be launching the feature. But it will soon roll out for the public. Until then, we will have to wait. Moreover, the company said that the 2-step verification will appear to those who haven’t yet verified the account. So if you have already taken the verification test, it will not appear in your section.

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