Elon Musk Cannot Reverse Any Twitter Account Bans Without Approval From Content Moderation Council

We’ve been hearing quite frequently how new Twitter owner Elon Musk has gone about restoring plenty of banned accounts across the board. But you’ll be shocked to learn how the billionaire does not have the authority to do so.

Yesterday, headlines couldn’t stop talking about how Kanye West has been unbanned while former US President Donald Trump is also being called back to the platform after his suspended account got activated. But contrary to many people’s beliefs, that can’t happen just yet.

On Friday, we saw the new owner fire the firm’s CEO and a few other top executives, going right to work and not wasting a second of his precious time. But Musk was also seen telling the world that he will first need to create a new council for content moderation.

This would assist him and the firm in laying out their platform policies and what shall be permitted and what can’t. While the details related to the matter were very limited, there were definitely quite a few points of view being laid out in the open.

For any major decisions to actually take place, the council would be the one seeking approval and intervening. Then the billionaire also took this point to mention how he is yet to unban Kanye West’s account from the app, and all reports claiming that are false.

The news comes as the troubled musician’s account is temporarily suspended for his controversial tweets. But Musk says that it was already restored by the company before he acquired the firm and that means no consultations were made with him and nobody even informed him regarding that.

For a while now, Elon Musk has not been shy to declare his purpose on the app and that includes allowing people to voice their thoughts and opinions without having any form of fear of doing so. For him, freedom of speech is a priority. This entails revering Twitter’s account ban on the former leader after his shocking role linked to the Capital Riots on January 6 in Washington.

The fact that we are actually seeing a new decision comes forward in the form of a content moderation board for such incidents is proof he will be rethinking some policies on the app. A message was written to advertisers that outlined the platform will not be a hellscape for those willing to say anything without facing the consequences.

Newer and bigger changes may be on the verge and we’ve already seen some of them unfold with the shakeup in the leading range of executives. In addition to that, a new report by Bloomberg is shedding light on how Musk may be reversing all the bans seen on the app as this was a huge part of his strategy. He strongly felt that the reason such bans arose in the first place was related to his mega hesitation to remove certain things. He’s just been too cautious when making his move regarding such matters and he feels that a temporary timeout would be a better choice for punishment than a full-on ban.

Some experts feel the new council is awfully similar to that seen with Facebook’s parent firm called Meta which managed to develop a board of its own, the Oversight Board. The latter is designed to handle things like content policies and decisions on matters like the Trump ban.

The news has gone viral now and it has even caused the Oversight Board to make some comments on the matter. It claims that the Twitter matter involves content moderation and that’s a huge element when it comes to building trust for apps. They have been building on it since the year 2020 and they’re more than willing to discuss the matter with the respective company in case they are willing.

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