Users Concerned As Telegram’s Founder Urges People To Delete WhatsApp Immediately After New Security Concern

Telegram’s founder has so many WhatsApp users worried after he was seen issuing a new warning against using the app.

Pavel Durov stated on Thursday that he had proof that the app was suffering from a major security lapse that could potentially put so many people at risk. To be more specific, he noted how hackers had complete access to those devices where the app had been installed.

The post was disclosed last week where it outlined how easy it was for hackers to gain control of users’ phones by simply adding a malicious-themed video or beginning a video call through the app.

The WhatsApp issue declared is very similar to that witnessed in the year 2018. Meanwhile, the following year came another and in 2020, we saw another one arise. So as you can see, every year there was a security lapse that had researchers concerned about WhatsApp.

Durov elaborated how users of the app needed to take this warning message seriously before it was too late and that meant deleting the application from their devices to stop texts and personal images from getting leaked.

Just last year, we saw the Telegram founder mention in bold terms how the app’s terms and conditions before joining ask everyone to add all private details to their accounts on Facebook.

There was great concern as to perhaps the founder wanting more users to make a switch to Telegram, taking advantage of the situation. But that doesn’t appear to be the case here. Instead, he boasts that it’s the last thing he or the app would want.

As it is, Telegram is doing great in terms of its popularity. People are loving it and around 2 million subscribers are arriving on a daily basis. So as you can tell, there’s no need for additional marketing in today’s time.

As Durov mentioned, you may utilize any messaging platform of your choice but deleting your WhatsApp account could be in your best possible interest. In addition to that, he even called it out as a tool that’s been designed for surveillance purposes for more than 13 years and it’s time people realized how serious the matter was.

In case you didn’t know, the Telegram founder has already spoken about how the platform is going to continue with its surveillance practices after it was forced to inform users that devices belonging to them may be filled with spyware.

Responding to the claims Will Cathcart the head of Whatsapp says that "I don't believe for a second that Pavel makes these claims with zero interest in growing his app. Really sad to see Telegram try and use disinformation as a tactic to boost their growth."
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